How to Get Involved

Your involvement is key in enablilng the children of Swaziland to have a hope and a future. It's shocking to learn that this beautiful little country will become extinct in the next decade if nothing changes. With the highest Aids rate in the world and an average life-expectancy of 32, what is the future for the approx 200,000 orphaned or vulnerable children?

Despite the bleak forecast, there is hope. God is transforming, healing and empowering the young, the weak, the vulnerable, the orphan and the widow. Challenge Ministries can testify to that fact.  It is only achieved through God using others, like you and me.

Donations have a major impact on individual families and Sponsoring a child can make or break whether that child has a decent level of education and adequate health care when needed.

Individuals and teams are an incredible support, not only to the children and families of Swaziland but also as an encouragement to the workers or home based carers who are trying to make a difference in their own communities. Mission Impact is where you can get involved in this way.

There may be Churches around the world that can connect with the work here in a deeper way - become a Church Partner.  Get Involved in the vital area of Prayer - become one of our Prayer Partners. For more information please email us.

Be a part of giving Hope and Freedom to those living without.  Be a part of Changing Lives Forever.