EduGate Preschool Teacher Training

Where excellence meets education

The EduGate project aims to empower and equip individuals through excellent education, training them as preschool teachers, to change the foundation of all Swazi children.

EduGate’s heart is to empower those that live in the unreachable, under privileged and rural areas of the country by providing the best knowledge, education, guided actions, teachings and diversity that we can give to one person. The training runs for 1 year and includes practical placements.   These practicals are performed in schools all around Swaziland for example Little Brown Hen, Care Bears, Little Einstein, Discovery Junction and Evergreen preschool just to name a few.

The Training Centre is based on Hawane Farm, where students are taught to able to teach preschoolers when they finish at EduGate.  One of the skills taught is to be able to identify resources and materials in their everyday surroundings that they can use to teach the students. The cost of teaching materials for preschool is high and so we teach our students to use the things around them. Stones are used for counting in math as well as sticks, matchboxes, bottles tops…etc.

We teach our students that money does not have to get in the way of your passion to teach the children in your community. Discovering ways to educate young children teaches them also not to settle and not to give up when they do not have the materialistic means to EduGate themselves.

For more information please contact [email protected]  or 78219360 during office hours (8am-4pm)