Hawane ICBC

Pastor Augustine and his wife Elizabeth lead the Hawane Christian Life Church, a community based church, that reaches out to the surrounding community. There is an evangelical team that goes from door to door teaching about Jesus and the Gospel. There are six mobile clinics Hawane CLC have established to enable the local community to get much needed medical assistance they otherwise would not receive. We have a gifted resident nurse, Jane Bradshaw, who shows patients the love of God in a very real way. Students from TCMI also join us from time to time to share the Good News and pray with those that would like to have someone pray for them.


The church also endeavours to feed the needy from the vegetable garden and bakery donated by Metro Ministries. Our next goal is to start a soup kitchen to feed the orphans in the community.

An ongoing project that has proved to be sussessful thus far, is planting door frame sized veg gardens for HIV positive members of the community. This enables them to get the correct nutrition needed.

So far 6 gardens have been planted and in time, we hope to have reached all those in need of assistance. 

Hope lives here

Freedom is found here

Changed lives leave here