Life Skills Bible School - Teen Challenge (Hawane)

The life skills school is based in the North of Swaziland at Hawane Farm and is directed by Timothy Makhanya.

The Life Skills Bible School exists to train up men and women in order to send them out to make a difference in their community within Swaziland.  The students are recruited from our Teen Challenge programs, our children’s homes, and our In Community By Community churches as well as from other churches throughout Swaziland.  

The course is from one to three years.  Year one focuses on character development, work ethic, basic biblical studies and offers the following life skills; computing, driving, basic health care, hospitality and sustainability (live stock and crops.)  At the end of year one our aim is to ensure that these young people can face life in Swaziland as potential leaders in their homes, work places, community and the Nation.  

Five characteristics must be established within each student;

1.       To love God

2.       To be teachable at all times

3.       To be Faithful

4.       To be Loyal

5.       To be the fifth gospel

This is achieved through classroom teaching, personal study, outdoor work and serving in the local communities by doing outreach projects to widows, orphans and other vulnerable community members.  This includes helping with gardening, putting up fencing or fixing up mud and stick housing.  Students also have the opportunity to help the health team with clinics and to minister at the monthly disability group.

For those who want to further their biblical studies and to train up as pastors working in our In Community By Community (ICBC) churches there is the option to study for a further two years.  This course will start in 2015 and offers the students a mix of class room study to complete Bachelors in Biblical studies as well as offering placements and ministry time at our ICBC churches.


          Graduates 2013                        Class Room Teaching                Community Gardening Work


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